District 1 - Ed Moore

Ed Moore

Ed Moore, District 1


Elected: May 2015
Current Term Expires: May 2021

Ed Moore represents District 1. He has been a Longview resident since 1980 when he accepted the position of Assistant City Manager. After two years with the City, Ed began a career as a municipal financial advisor assisting numerous local governments in East Texas with financial planning. He has a B.A. in Government from the University of Texas and a Master of Public Administration from the University of North Texas. Ed served over three years as a naval officer and is a Vietnam veteran. He has been married to Jean for 47 years, and they have two children, Stephen and Michele, both of whom graduated from Pine Tree High School. Ed and Jean have one granddaughter, Moxie. He served for 30 years as a trustee for the Longview Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund, is active with church committees, and is a board member for several philanthropic organizations.

Council Liaison Responsibilities*

  • Mayor Pro Tem
  • Certified Retirement City Committee
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Tax Abatement Committee
*Liaison responsibilities are reassigned by the mayor annually in June.

Council-Mayor form of Government
The City Council is comprised of a Mayor, who is elected at large, and six Council Members, one elected from each district. Council members do not have day-to-day administrative duties, but rather focus on big picture issues as the elected policymakers for the city. Council members also take feedback from the community, approve the budget and tax rate, adopt ordinances and resolutions, and establish goals and provide direction. The City Council is also responsible to supervise, monitor, and evaluate the performance of the City Manager, City Attorney, City Secretary, and Municipal Judge.  Council members are elected to three-year terms with a limit of three full terms.