District 1 - Temple Carpenter III

Tem Carpenter  Tem Carpenter, District 1


Elected: May 2021
Current Term Expires: May 2024

Council Liaison Responsibilities*

*Liaison responsibilities are reassigned by the mayor annually in June.

​Professional Experience

40-year veteran of construction supply business.  Managed multiple locations in multiple states during my career.  Returned to Longview 2008 and quit traveling.  All things housing from the the dirt to moving in.  Currently doing commercial sales for McCoy's Building Supply of Longview. 


Wife of 40 years - Sandra
Three sons and three grandchildren

How long have you lived in Longview?

Family came here in 1931 with oilfield.  Born in Montgomery, AL, while dad was stationed in the Air Force.  Been here about 57 of my 62 years in District 1.

Community Involvement

East Texas Builders Association, Boy Scouts of America - Troop 618, Certified Lay Minister - United Methodist Church, Asbury House, East Texas Food Bank

Favorite Movie
Top Gun

Favorite Book


Who is someone you admire?
Ronald Reagan

What are you happiest doing when you aren't working?
Following Alabama football year round.  Church projects. Gardening with Sandra.  Grandkids' sports.

Why did you initially run for office and what do you hope to accomplish on the City Council?

I care deeply for Longview and especially West Side and Pine Tree. I want to see the west side improve and upgrade. I strongly believe our best days are to come. The housing shortage is very high on my list. 

What are your hopes and visions for Longview's future?
I believe in Longview.  I choose to live here.  I am all about our city growing responsibly and within our means.  More housing access for all demographics.

Council-Mayor form of Government
The City Council is comprised of a Mayor, who is elected at large, and six Council Members, one elected from each district. Council members do not have day-to-day administrative duties, but rather focus on big picture issues as the elected policymakers for the city. Council members also take feedback from the community, approve the budget and tax rate, adopt ordinances and resolutions, and establish goals and provide direction. The City Council is also responsible to supervise, monitor, and evaluate the performance of the City Manager, City Attorney, City Secretary, and Municipal Judge.  Council members are elected to three-year terms with a limit of three full terms.