Salary and Benefits

Annual Base Pay 

  • Apprentice I $46,072.58 +FLSA overtime
  • Apprentice II & Paramedic only $57,320.08 +FLSA overtime
  • Firefighter/Paramedic $65,253.93 +FLSA overtime , $200 for Paramedic (after FTO process) $50 a shift ambulance ride pay

** $3000 sign on bonus for Firefighter/Paramedic & Paramedic Only**

In addition, members may be eligible for:

Paramedic pay 

  • $200 per month

 Education and Certification pay (per month)

  • $ 75 Intermediate Firefighter Certification
  •  $100 Associates Degree
  •  $125 Advanced Firefighter Certification
  •  $150 Bachelors Degree
  •  $150 Master Firefighter Certification
  •  $100 Bi-lingual Pay

 Longevity pay (per month)

  • $4 for each year of service

 Specialty pay (per month)

  • $100 Specialty Teams


Shift Duty Assignments
24 on, 48 off

Time Off

  • 7.5 Shifts of vacation per year
  •  5 Holidays per year
  •  10 hours per month of sick time

Firefighter Pension
Firefighters participate in the Longview Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund. Firefighters contribute 15% with a city match 19%. Minimum retirement age is 55 with a maximum benefit of 60-75% of top 5 year average pay. Firefighters do not pay into Social Security.  

Medical, dental, and life insurance is offered.

Firefighters are issued uniforms and structural firefighting gear. An allowance of $400 per year is available for replacement uniforms.

Tuition and Certification Reimbursement
The City of Longview offers 100% reimbursement of approved college tuition and required fees (excluding books) to employees involved in occupation related courses on a degree plan.

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