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Rivers Recycling, the materials recovery facility that processes the recyclables collected by the City of Longview, will be closed for four weeks beginning Jan. 24 and continuing through Feb. 20.

Residents are encouraged to continue to place recyclables in the recycling cart during this time; however, all collected material during this closure will be taken to the landfill. 

If residents wish to ensure their recyclables are not taken to the landfill, the City recommends they rinse recyclable food and beverage containers to minimize odors and vector-attracting residues and hold back the material until the Rivers Recycling resumes operation.

The most valuable recyclables to reserve for recycling are plastics with the numbers 1 or 2 on them, cardboard, and metal (steel and aluminum food and beverage containers).


The Sanitation Department strives to provide the best possible waste management service to our customers; systems include a weekly household waste collection with weekly recycling and bulky item collection.  Sanitation Collection Administrative Regulation


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