Scheduled Water Quality Maintenance April - May

The City of Longview will be conducting maintenance throughout the water supply system from April 20 - May 20. Periodically, the distribution system needs to be flushed with chlorinated water as a preventive measure. Generally, there should be no noticeable changes in water quality during the work, but we realize that some people may notice some temporary changes to the taste, odor, color, or water pressure. However, the water will continue to be safe for use. During that time, we will be doing some adjustments to the disinfectant levels in the water, but will remain entirely within the safe levels. The city will also be flushing the water lines throughout the city.

The purpose of the work is to do a system wide cleansing and flushing of the water supply system. The process that we are doing is conceptually similar to the idea of doing a chlorine shock for a swimming pool.

This is a common industry standard for preventative maintenance in drinking water distribution systems. Many utilities throughout the state and country that use chloramines for their primary distribution disinfectant convert to free chlorine on an “as needed” basis. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) endorse and support this procedure.

If customers experience temporary discoloration issues, individuals may choose to temporarily flush faucets, tubs and toilets until their water has cleared. If customers experience an odor or taste issue in water, it does not mean it is unsafe to drink.

Users of kidney dialysis machines and owners of tropical fish aquariums are encouraged to make appropriate modifications to their routines. This is only a concern for aquariums if they are changing their water during the maintenance period.

For customers with concerns about water quality at their residence, please contact the Water and Sewer Emergency number at 903-236-3030 and they will dispatch crews to further flush the area. Nuisance issues will go away as the work is completed. Customers can safely consume and use their drinking water as normal during this time period.