Technical Training Scholarship Grant (TTSG)

Technical job training scholarship grants are available in an amount up to $1,500 per grant per semester to qualified applicants.  This is a federal grant funded through the City of Longview's Community Development Block Grant program.  Funds are to be used for tuition, fees, and books necessary to complete a course of study leading to certification in a technical field. To be eligible for participation in this grant program, the student’s primary household residence must be within the city limits of Longview, Texas, and the total household income of the student’s primary residence must not exceed low/mod income limits per size of household as currently defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Programs that qualify will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to immediately and successfully enter the job market in the capacity for which they trained. Programs designed and intended to prepare the student for transfer into a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree program will not qualify. Courses must be part of the required curriculum for the program listed on the student’s application to be eligible. Pre-requisite, non-credit classes will qualify if the non-credit course is required prior to enrollment in a for-credit course necessary to complete the program.

Due to recognized accreditation, programs offered by Kilgore College, Tyler Junior College, and Texas State Technical College that meet the criteria stated above may be pursued under this grant. 

Other educational facilities that offer qualifying programs will be considered for funding eligibility if they meet the following criteria:
  • Must have a campus located within a 50 mile radius of Longview, Texas
  • Must be listed with one of the following :
  1. U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Post secondary
  2. Texas Workforce Commission Directory of Licensed Career Schools and Colleges
  3. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
  • Must have been continuously licensed and in operation for at least one year.
The cost of G.E.D. testing, and related fees are eligible costs for funding under this grant. Residency and income requirements are the same as those listed above. The applicant must provide proof of successful completion of a G.E.D. preparatory course to be eligible for a G.E.D. testing grant.

Scholarships for qualified applicants will be made payable directly to the educational facility on the student applicant's behalf.  No reimbursements will be made for educational costs previously paid.

This grant cannot be used to refund any other loan/grant source, or to satisfy past-due accounts, or to pay late fees. This grant can never be utilized to make cash payments to the grantee.  All grant funds must be applied directly to tuition and/or book costs. Any unused portion of the grant must be returned to the City of Longview Community Development Office as soon as it is known to the school that the grant funds will not be applied as required.

Funds are considered unused if:
  • It is discovered the eligible costs are less than the grant amount.
  • If the grantee withdraws from a class.
  • If a grantee is dropped from a class.
  • Any other circumstance that reduces eligible costs to any amount that is less than full grant amount.  
The difference must be returned to the City of Longview Community Development office immediately.  Remaining grant funds may not be returned to the grantee.

Applications may be made for one semester at a time.  If the student is applying for a subsequent grant for an additional semester, the student must show proof of a passing grade point average in the previous semester.

Technical Job Training Scholarship Grant Application