Industrial Pretreatment Program

The Industrial Pretreatment Program was established in 1985 when State regulators delegated the supervision of industries to municipalities. Industrial Pretreatment Inspectors are responsible for permitting, sampling, and inspecting to insure that Permitted Industries are abiding by all local, state, and federal regulations. Once every three years, Industrial Pretreatment must survey all industries and commercial properties to assure that the quality of wastewater entering the sewerage system is such as to not detriment the wastewater treatment facility. Some pollutants, such as solvents and acids, could harm the wastewater treatment plant’s microorganisms leaving the wastewater untreated. Other pollutants, such as motor oil and zinc, are not treated and could bypass the treatment plant and reach the Sabine River. Therefore, the Industrial Pretreatment Division must be aware of the potential discharges of each industry. Industrial Pretreatment also publishes a bi-annual newsletter informing permitted industries of new regulations and pollution prevention alternatives and present an annual Pretreatment Excellence Award to one or more industries that has shown the most effort to reduce pollution.
Industrial Pretreatment is not only responsible for Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) quarterly influent and effluent sampling, sludge sampling every other month and sampling for quarterly effluent biomonitoring; but they are also responsible for quarterly stormwater sampling and monitoring at the WWTP. Industrial Pretreatment runs required analytical tests on the influent and effluent, daily, at the WWTP and, regularly, runs process control tests on systems throughout the plant.
Along with responsibilities held at the WWTP, Industrial Pretreatment is responsible for permitting, sampling, and inspecting  local industries, ensuring that they abide by all local, state, and federal water related regulations. Since the implementation of the stormwater program, Industrial Pretreatment has worked closely with the industries to ensure that they continue to protect the water bodies of the City of Longview (see Drinking Water: Source Water Protection and Watershed Management). They work closely with the industries to ensure they have very little stormwater runoff and have protection against spills at their facilities. These issues, new rules and regulations, important reminders and current events that pertain to the facilities are published in a bi-annual newsletter sent out to the permitted industries and their affiliates. 
Industrial Pretreatment works closely with Building Inspections on approving plan reviews and Certificates of Occupancy for local businesses. The approval of the Grease Trap Ordinance will allow the Industrial Pretreatment Division the ability to enforce sizing and cleaning of grease traps in new and old businesses. 
One of the major responsibilities of Industrial Pretreatment is emergency response, which covers both the pretreatment and watershed part of the division. Industrial Pretreatment works closely with other City departments and agencies by responding to spills that may affect the sewerage system and the Wastewater Treatment facility.

Pretreatment Excellence Awards

Pretreatment Excellence Awards are presented to industries that have shown the most effort to reduce pollution.

  • 2014-15   ARI, Hatco, Norris, Rexam
  • 2015-16   Alpha Omega, Hatco, Norris
  • 2016-17   ARI, Hatco, Martin, Norris, Rexam
  • 2017-18   Groendyke, Hatco, Norris, Rexam
  • 2018-19   Alpha Omega, ARI, Groendyke, Hatco, Martin, Norris
  • 2019-20   Hatco, Norris, Groendyke
  • 2020-21   Hatco, Norris, AITX