Fire Training Field

Fire Training Facility
400 Fair St.  - Map

The construction of the department’s Drill Field in 1954 in the Stamper Park neighborhood of South Central Longview was the first-step in designing a facility for the on-going training required for emergency service professionals. This facility is still in use today. The original facility consisted of a 4-story drill tower with a built-in drafting pit to accommodate annual fire pump testing requirements. In the mid-1990’s, a single-story, residential-style structure was added for use during live-fire training evolutions. Various props including storage tanks/vessels, pitched roofs, LPG appliances, and a full-scale 4-car train derailment with fire and liquid/vapor leak capabilities round out the cache of training equipment at the drill field. In the early-2000’s, the department acquired the original Stamper Pool building and converted it into a Confidence Course for training employees on certain firefighter rescue and victim search scenarios.

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