Education and Awareness

Fire Extinguisher Demonstration

This is a practical demonstration of the correct techniques for use of fire extinguishers. After instructions have been given, a small fire is set and Fire Prevention personnel demonstrate how to extinguish the fire. The group members are encouraged to use the fire extinguisher. This program is aimed at adult audiences especially in industrial, restaurant, hotel, hospital and other commercial occupancies. Longview Fire Department provides all equipment except for the fire extinguishers.

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program 

This program is available to children who have demonstrated fire play behavior. Our goal is to address and deter this risky behavior through assessment, education and referral, if needed. By providing children with education on fire safety and on the risk associated with playing with fire, they learn to understand the consequences and to make better decisions.

Live Puppet Show

Patches the Pumper Robot and a Fire Prevention Officer teach children fire safety in an and the entertaining way. This program covers home fire drills, smoke detectors, calling 9-1-1, and stop drop and roll. 

Fall and Fire Prevention: (Remembering WhenTM )

 A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults, was developed by NFPA  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help older and or disabled adults live safely at home for as long as possible. Remembering When is centered around 16 key safety messages – eight fire prevention and eight fall prevention - developed by experts from national and local safety organizations as well as through focus group testing in high-fire-risk states.

Plan and Practice Your Escape Plan

This course is formulated but not limited to younger parents in the Longview area. The course discusses the importance of having an Escape Plan for your home, how to develop your Escape Plan, and common fire safety practices for the home that will help prevent fires and injuries. This course usually last around an hour long.

Fire Safety in the Workplace

This training program is available to local businesses’ who are interested in having a representative from the Fire Prevention Division come to your facility and cover workplace fire safety topics.  This class generally lasts about thirty minutes.

Special Topics

Special topic programs may be presented upon request. For example, holiday fire safety, outdoor fire safety, heating equipment, etc. Please call the education division if you have a special request for your group or organization. To find out more about any of the fire education programs, or to schedule one for your group, please call 903-237-1119.

Station Tour / Show and Tell

To arrange a station visit or a show & tell involving Fire Department apparatus and firefighting equipment, please call 903-237-1119.