Candidate Phase

Eligibility List

If an applicant passes both the written exam and the physical ability test, their name is placed on the eligibility list. From this list, our hiring board will divvy up the applications and will personally conduct background checks based on the information provided on the candidate’s application. This may include but is not limited to phone calls to references, previous employers, or even face­-to-­face meetings with these references.

Once the eligibility list is established, the interviewing process begins. Depending on the number of eligible candidates and the number of current openings, the hiring board will select candidates for the Peer Review Board Interviews. All aspects of the candidate’s information collected up to this point will be considered – this includes but is not limited to: personal, criminal, or employment history, written test scores, physical ability test scores, current certifications, etc. Longview Fire Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer and at no time will race, gender, or other discriminatory factors affect a candidate’s progression in the hiring process.

LFD’s Peer Review Board is made up of select members of the department – usually at least one member from each rank from Firefighter to Captain. Candidates will be notified of a scheduled time and place to attend the interview. They are expected to be prompt, well­-dressed, and well­-prepared. The Peer Review Board will present the candidate with a series of questions in which they will in turn take the applicant’s responses as an opportunity to identify and note key traits that are essential to LFD’s core values.

The Peer Review Board will at this time narrow the list to preferred number of candidates based on the current hiring needs. Conditional job offers will be made.

Remaining candidates will be required to participate in a polygraph examination. Depending on the outcome of this examination the candidate will immediately move forward to an oral interview with a Battalion Chief. Each candidate will be notified of the result of this interview. If successful, the candidate moves on to take the mandatory Physical & Drug Test, CORE Step Assessment, and finishes the process with a final interview with the Fire Chief.
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