Volunteer Process

The volunteer process includes:

  1. Print and complete the Volunteer Application or contact the Volunteer Center for information or hard copy application 903-237-1390. 
  2. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for an interview.
  3. Screening Interview are conducted by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  4. Background checks may be conducted as determined by volunteer opportunity.
  5. A volunteer may be sent to a City Department for an Assignment Interview.
  6. Volunteers may have a second Interview by the Department Volunteer Supervisor.
  7. There is the option for the Department Coordinator and Volunteer to accept or deny the assignment.
  8. In-person interviews are mandatory for Level II Volunteers and may be required for Level I Volunteers if necessary depending on the volunteer activity.
  9. If you are applying for the Accessible Parking Enforcement Program you must also include the Longview Police Department Volunteer Application.
  10. If you are applying for the Community Emergency Response Team you must also include the Longview Gregg County CERT Application.
  11. Background checks may be required for any volunteer opportunity. 
  12. The City of Longview may change, end, or terminate a volunteer assignment (opportunity or program) at any time. 
  13. Volunteers will have a trial and assessment period.