Technical Documentation

Annual Performance and Expenditure Report

This document insures that the Longview Metropolitan transportation planning process is continuing, comprehensive and cooperative. This is accomplished by providing for the management and administration of work tasks and funding; and by providing for and the solicitation of public participation. This task requires that all federal, state and local guidelines and regulations are met.

Limited English Proficiency Plan

The Limited English Proficiency Plan has been prepared to address the Longview Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) responsibilities as a recipient of federal financial assistance as they relate to the needs of individuals with limited English proficiency language skills. The purpose of the Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEP) is to ensure accessibility to programs and services to persons who are not proficient in the English language.

Public Participation Plan

It is the intent of the Metropolitan Planning Organization to provide every opportunity for the involvement of citizens, as well as staff and elected officials, in the transportation planning process. Recognizing the importance of public involvement, the Longview MPO implements the procedures outlined herein to insure that the public is fully informed about transportation issues and is given reasonable public access to transportation plans and project documents, and that the public has adequate opportunities to express their opinions and concerns about transportation issues in an orderly manner in an appropriate forum.

MPO Bylaws
Governing documentation of the Longview Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Latest News

    • The Longview Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has scheduled a Policy Board meeting on Wednesday, April 26th at 10:00 a.m. in the Longview City Council Chambers located in the Jo Ann Metcalf Municipal Building, 300 W. Cotton St., to consider a revision to the FY 17 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), approval of letters of support for Transportation Alternatives projects, and adoption of Longview Transit’s asset management performance targets. The UPWP outlines MPO transportation planning activities and studies for a two-year period. The MPO Policy Board is the top-level transportation committee providing both review and policy guidance for transportation planning in the greater Longview area. The public is invited to attend and will be given an opportunity to provide comments at the meeting.
    • The 2017 - 2020 Longview MPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) revisions have been adopted and the updated document can be found here. The TIP serves as the MPO's short-range transportation plan.
    • The new FM 2275/George Richey Road extension (Phase I) from McCann Road to US 259 in Longview is now open to traffic. Click here for more information.
    • The Longview MPO Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for FY 2106 and FY 2017 has been revised and is available for review. The UPWP outlines MPO transportation planning activities and studies for a two-year period.
    • 2015 traffic count data is now available for the greater Longview area. Traffic count data was gathered in late 2015 and was funded by the Longview Economic Development Corporation. A printable 2015 Traffic Count Map and an 2015 Traffic Count interactive map are now available.
    • Please review our FY 15 Annual Project Listing.  Projects in this report are broken down into four categories: roadway, transit, bicycle & pedestrian and grouped projects.  Click here to see the report.