Organizational Chart

The City of Longview operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The elected City Council enacts local legislation, adopts the annual budget, determines policies, and appoints the City Manager, City Attorney, City Secretary, and Municipal Court Judge. The City Manager is responsible for the hiring and management of all other departments. The appointment of department directors is recommended by the City Manager and requires approval of the City Council. 

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Organizational Chart
  1. City Manager
  2. City Attorney
  3. City Secretary
  4. Municipal Judge
Acting City Manager: Keith Bonds
The City Manager is a Council-appointed position

  • Office Manager: Candis Jones
  • Media and Tourism Manager: Shawn Hara
  • Media Development Administrator: Terry Miller
  1. Administrative Services
  2. Finance Department
  3. Police Department
  4. Fire Department
Director of Administrative Services: Mary Ann Miller

  • Human Resources and Risk: Bonnie Newman
  • Information Services: Justin Cure - Manager
  • Municipal Court: Sally Forbus - Manager
  1. Community Services
  2. Development Services
  3. Parks and Recreation
  4. Public Works
Director of Community Services: Laura Hill

  • Assistant Director of Community Services: Dietrich Johnson
    • Environmental Health Manager: Leisha Kidd-Brooks
    • Housing Manager: Cheteva Marshall
    • Community Development Manager: Parker Harrison
  • Animal Services Manager: Shannon DeRosa
  • Longview Public Library Manager: Jennifer Eldridge
  • Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Complex Manager: Dixie Golden
  • Partners in Prevention Manager: Holly Fuller