Coalition for Drug-Free Youth

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The Coalition for Drug Free Youth would like to hear from you with a Community Needs Assessment (CNA).  This is an annual survey given by the Coalition to measure the perception of risk and harm associated with drugs and alcohol by the citizens of Longview. The assessment covers a variety of substances including: alcohol, marijuana/synthetic marijuana, prescription drug, opioid, crack, heroin, methamphetamine, tobacco, and inhalant misuse. In addition, the CNA inquires about knowledge of prevention resources and assets in the community.  

The Coalition for Drug­ Free Youth (CDFY) is a collaboration of community resources with parents, school districts, law enforcement, judicial system, faith community, businesses, youth, community agencies, and anyone with an interest in preventing underage drinking and youth substance use.

The Coalition uses evidenced-­based strategies to promote public awareness and to guide their approach to address this community concern.

Evidence­-based prevention refers to a set of prevention activities that evaluation research has shown to be effective in reducing and preventing youth substance use to create a safer and healthier community.