Getting Ahead in a Just­ Gettin'­-By World

Longview Bridges Out of Poverty offers “Getting Ahead in a Just­ Gettin’-By World”

Getting Ahead teaches people who are living in a poverty or unstable situations how to build their resources for a better life and economic stability.

In Getting Ahead, participants study poverty and near poverty through the lens of the economic class to better understand how our society and the economy work. In small groups, participants investigate the impact poverty and low wages have on them and what it takes to move from a just-­getting-­by world to a getting-­ahead world.

Getting Ahead is totally different from any other learning experience, as there are no lectures or traditional teaching styles. The idea of "getting ahead" means action and movement­ to a place of self­-sufficiency. This means the learning has to be done by the group. Participants are not told what to do or think, but are encouraged to become investigators of their own lives­ someone who digs for the facts and doesn't settle for the obvious answer. Investigators look for the truth and become experts what they're investigating.