Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What qualifications are needed to be a Partners in Prevention mentor?
A. Any adult with a caring heart that desires to provide extra support, encouragement and is willing to spend at least one hour a week with their mentee is qualified to be a mentor. Mentors must complete two hours of training, complete a criminal history background check, and provide personal references before being matched with a young person. We also ask mentors to commit to one­year to their mentee.

Q. What is the difference between Forever Friends, Forever Friends Too, and Co­Pilots?
A. Forever Friends matches caring women with girls in fifth grade through high school in a one-­to-­one relationship. These mentors and girls meet weekly as a group on the school
campus with a group facilitator who will have an activity planned for that day. Forever Friends Too matches women with girls kindergarten through high school who meet individually on the school campus, outside a group setting. Co­-Pilots are usually male adult mentors who are matched with boys in first grade through high school. Co-­Pilots meet individually with their mentees weekly.

Q. Where do I meet with my mentee?
A. Most of the time you spend with your mentee will be on the school campus. Partners in Prevention has a strong collaboration with 13 school districts that allow mentors to visit with their mentees at their school. Partners in Prevention also provides planned activities throughout the year for mentors and mentees.

Q. What do I do when I’m with my mentee?
A. During training, you will receive ideas about how to build a relationship, trust and
communication with your mentee. Forever Friends Too and Co­-Pilots have activities available to them on the school campus such as basketballs, Checkers, and other games. In Forever Friends, the group facilitator will introduce activities for mentors and mentees.

Q. How do I become a mentor?
A. Simply call Partners in Prevention at 903­-237­-1019 to register for the next training.