Five Promises for Young People

From America’s Promise Alliance

The Five Promises are those developmental resources — wrap­around supports— that young people need for success in life:

  • Caring Adults
  • Safe Places
  • A Healthy Start
  • Effective Education
  • Opportunities to Help Others

Everything we do as an Alliance is built around the framework of ensuring that more young people experience more of the Promises.

The Five Promises Change Lives

Children who receive at least four of the Five Promises are much more likely than those who experience only one or zero Promises to succeed academically, socially and civically. They are more likely to avoid violence, contribute to theircommunities and achieve high grades in school.

Receiving at least four of the Five Promises also appears to mitigate gaps across racial and economic boundaries.

To experience the full power of the Promises, young people must experience these critical supports throughout their lives — in their families, at schools and out in their communities.

Improving the lives of 15 million disadvantaged youth over the next five years is the goal of the America’s Promise Alliance.