After Hours Drop Box

The Municipal Court offers a drop box for payments.  It is located in the lobby of the Longview Police and Courts Building at 302 W. Cotton Street.  The lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Envelopes are provided next to the drop box.

Payments for the drop box must include the following:

  • Check or money order in the correct amount and made payable to the City of Longview.
  • Check or money order must have the citation number, name and date of birth of the person who received the citation (defendant) clearly printed on the front.
  • Anything placed in the drop box must be inside an envelope.
  • The front of the envelope must contain the citation number, name and mailing address of the defendant, and the amount you are paying.
A receipt will be mailed to the defendant when the payment is processed.  Payments are processed on the next business day.  Returned checks will be charged an additional $25 returned check fee and you will no longer be allowed to pay by check.

Dropping off Documents

The drop box can also be used if you are dropping off documents only. You may drop off completed payment plan applications, copies of driver's safety completion documents, and any other documents that can be sent to the court by mail.  Please put the documents inside an envelope and mark your name, address, and citation number on the outside of the envelope.