Longview Water vs. Bottled Water

Longview Water is regulated by Texas Commission Environmental Quality Environmental Protection Agency

  • City water cannot have confirmed E. coli or fecal Coliform bacteria.
  • City water is both filtered and disinfected.
  • Any violation of our City drinking water standards is grounds for enforcement.
  • City water department must have our water tested by certified labs.
  • City tap water results must be reported to state or federal officials.
  • City water system operators must be certified.
  • City Water Department must issue consumer confidence reports annually.
  • City water costs only pennies a day.
  • City water contains essential nutrients for the body such as calcium and iron.
  • Chlorine residual exists in City water to prevent bacteria growth.

Bottled Water is regulated by Food and Drug Administration and its own standards:
  • International Bottled Water Association
  • Industry regulations allow for a certain amount of any bacteria.
  • Bottled water has no federal filtration or disinfection requirements.
  • Bottled water in violation of standards can still be sold.
  • Such certified lab testing is not required for bottlers.
  • There are no reporting requirements for bottlers.
  • Bottled water plant operators do not have to be certified.
  • There are no public right-to-know requirements for bottlers.
  • Bottled water costs $.80 to $4.00 per gallon.
  • Natural minerals are removes by filtration from bottled water.
  • No disinfectant present to kill bacteria in bottles.