Pool Rental Information


Have an upcoming party or event? Reserve Longview Swim Center or Ingram Pool.

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Dates and Times:

Longview Swim Center

  • Friday mornings until 1:00pm
  • Friday evenings after 6:30pm
  • Saturday mornings until 12:00pm
  • Saturday evenings after 6:30pm
  • Sundays any time 

Ingram Pool

  • Fridays any time
  • Saturday mornings until 12:00pm
  • Saturday evenings after 6:30pm
  • Sunday evenings after 6:30pm
*During the swim season of June 3 - August 12, the available hours are tight due to our Learn to Swim Program. The swim season ends on August 12. Pool rentals will depend on staff availability.

Rental Prices 

$100 Refundable Deposit
$50/hr Pool rental (minimum 2hrs)
$12/hr per Guard (*see ratios below)
$24/hr Slide rental (minimum 2hrs)

Rental Ratios

*Note - Number of patrons include Non-Swimmers.

A completed Pool Rental Form and full payment must be in our office, 130 E. Timpson St., at least two weeks prior to the event. All parties must adhere to the facility rules

Patron Count

Number of Lifeguards Required

Rate/Hr for Guards Special Notes
1-20 3 Lifeguards $36/hr Minimum staff for Ingram or one pool at LSC
21-30 4 Lifeguards $48/hr  
31-40 5 Lifeguards $60/hr Minimum staff for both pools at LSC
41-80 6 Lifeguards $72/hr  
81-100 7 Lifeguards $84/hr  
101-150 8 Lifeguards $96/hr  
151-200 9 Lifeguards $108/hr  
201-250 10 Lifeguards $120/hr  
251-300 11 Lifeguards $132/hr  
301-350 13 Lifeguards $156/hr  
351-400 14 Lifeguards $168/hr  
401-450 15 Lifeguards $180/hr  
451-500 16 Lifeguards $192/hr