Adult Classes

Longview Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of adult recreation classes to the community. To find more detailed information about each class, click the link below the class description or choose the class from the menu to the left.

Dog Obedience

An established instructor leads both dog and handler through the process of learning basic commands and helpful tips for controlling your dog's behavior.
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Country Western Dance

Learn various dance steps to improve your dancing rhythm and technique. Class times are offered back to back so you can practice two different styles of dance in the same night.
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Belly Dancing

Instructor Terry Henning leads adult ladies through the many traditional dance moves of this ancient art form in this five week class.  Belly dancing is a fun and creative activity with no age limits.
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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great exercise for practitioners of all ages and abilities.  The forms taught in these classes were selected from the Yang style of Tai Ji Quan.  They emphasize the health benefits of Tai Chi with soft, smooth movements and balanced posture.  All over the world millions of people embrace the practice of Tai Chi.
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Tai Chi Fan

Tai Chi Fan is a very beautiful practice. It's like an intentional dance that emphasizes body awareness and mindful meditation. The techniques merge the culturally stoic meaning of the fan and the deeply rooted meanings behind Tai Chi. Participants can easily become entranced by the calming forms. Like any Tai Chi forms fans take focus, balance, poise, and awareness. Cost of class includes fans.
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Chi Gung (Tai Chi for Seniors)

Chi Gung style Tai Chi (or Qigong) is a form of gentle exercise composed of movements that are repeated a number of times, stretching the body and increasing blood flow. These exercises emphasize building awareness of how the body moves through space and how energy flows through your body. Chi Gong has long been used in China for superior health and wellness. For most people the first and foremost benefit of Chi Gung is in the relief or prevention of chronic health problems such as poor circulation, nerve pain, back problems, and joint pain.
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