Hiring Process

Police Job Fair Large

The Longview Police Department is hiring.  The department is looking for qualified candidates who want to make a difference in the Longview community. Candidates who meet the minimum job requirements can take the following steps to apply for a position.

Hiring Process Summary

  1. Apply through City of Longview Human Resources
  2. Initial Application Review
  3. National Police Officers Selection Test
  4. Physical Ability Test
  5. Preliminary Interview Booklet and Personal History Statement
  6. Initial Interview Board
  7. Psychological and Polygraph Examination
  8. Complete Background Investigation
  9. Drug Screen, Physical Examination, and Vision and Hearing Test
  10. Interview with Police Chief

Getting Started and Testing

Whether you are a new recruit that hasn’t yet been to police academy, or you are a currently certified officer with many years of experience, all interested candidates begin their journey by filling out an online application with the Human Resources department.

If selected through the initial application process, qualified candidates will then be notified of an opportunity to take the National Police Officer Selection Test. Study guides and practice tests are available from the test provider online. Candidates must make at least a 70 on the reading, writing, and arithmetic sections of the test to advance. A successful written test is immediately followed by a physical ability test, which asks the applicant to perform tasks an officer may face while on patrol. The physical ability test is pass/fail. Both tests are administered in Longview. Candidates will also complete a preliminary interview booklet and personal history statement for the Training and Recruiting section. 

Interviews and Examinations

If selected, candidates will then be asked to meet with the Initial Interview Board. The three-officer board rates candidates on a variety of criteria including communication skills, personal appearance, dependability, work experience, decision making, and integrity.

If the candidate receives a passing score from the Initial Interview Board, the next steps are a polygraph examination, psychological exam, and a complete background investigation. The candidate must also pass a drug screen, physical examination, and hearing/vision test.

Final Steps

Finally, qualified candidates will interview with the Chief of Police. The chief may either give a conditional offer, place the candidate on a roster of eligible applicants for future consideration, or dismiss the applicant.

If a hired recruit is not yet a licensed Peace Officer with the State of Texas, training will be provided. The Longview Police Department will pay for the costs associated with attending police academy for the Basic Peace Officer course, and the recruit/cadet will begin receiving salary while attending the academy.

The recruit/cadet must pass Basic Peace Officer course and pass the State Licensing Test within the time allowed.