Sixty (60) days after employment, employees become eligible for life insurance and medical/dental coverage which is provided for a nominal cost to the employee. Dependent coverage is offered at group rates to the employee. Police Officers are covered by worker's compensation for work-related injuries.


Three weeks paid vacation is available on a cumulative basis after six months of service. Police Officers receive four weeks paid vacation after fifteen (15) years of service.

Military Leave

Fifteen (15) days of military leave with pay per year for active duty reserve service.


Employees receive ten (10) paid holidays per year.

Sick Leave

Employees receive paid sick leave accrued at the rate of ten (10) hours per month (15 days per year). Employees can accumulate up to 720 hours of paid sick leave.

Retirement Plan

The City of Longview participates in the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Employees contribute 7% of their salary to the retirement plan and the City provides matching funds at a rate of 2 to 1 upon retirement. Employees can retire with 20 years of service at any age or 10 years of service at age 60.

Longevity Pay

Officers receive longevity pay at the rate of four dollars per month for each year of service with no maximum limit.

Uniforms and Equipment

All required uniform clothing, sidearm, leather gear and protective gear is provided (with the exception of footwear). All commissioned personnel receive $600 annually for cleaning allowance.