Lateral Entry

The Longview Police Department offers a Lateral Entry Program for Police Officers with previous experience with other agencies. This program is designed to serve as a recruitment incentive, allowing former or current certified/licensed officers to join the ranks of the Longview Police Department at an elevated entry level salary. This salary is based primarily on past law enforcement tenure, granting salary credit for continuous years of service with the past employer. 

The program affects salary alone. Other programs within the Department where tenure is an issue such as promotional eligibility, shift assignments, days off, etc., are not affected.


Certified/licensed candidates from municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement agencies. Candidates may be from in state or out-of-state. Federal and out-of-state candidates must obtain Texas Peace Officer certification prior to receiving Lateral Entry pay. Federal and out-of-state candidates may contact the Training and Recruiting Section for additional information.

Qualifying Tenure Time served with the most recent or present law enforcement employer.

Separation Status:

Candidates who are current (or former) certified or licensed officers must have left their previous qualifying employer in good standing (would be eligible for rehire) or through retirement. In all cases, separation must be less than two (2) years.

Out-of-State Licensed Applicants:

Applicants must be licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Education (TCOLE) or have completed 210 hours of State mandated training and have challenged and passed the State Peace Officer License Examination in order to be eligible for immediate entry into the Lateral Entry Program.

 Out-of-state applicants, who have qualifying experience and attend the Police Academy, will be eligible for entry into the program upon successful completion of the Academy and after obtaining a Texas State Peace Officer's License from TCOLE.
Case Criteria (Former Jurisdiction Population and Tenure Credit Rate Level
I 50,000 or less; Credit allowed for 5 years or consecutively accumulated years of service Police Officer - 2 Year
II 50,000 or more; Credit allowed for 5 years of consecutively accumulated years of service Police Officer - 4 year