Training Section

The Training Section of the Longview Police Department is responsible not only for training members of the Department, but maintaining accurate training records and submitting required documentation to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). The Training Section also periodically hosts outside training for members of other law enforcement agencies and citizens.  The training coordinator is also responsible for coordinating the usage of the Roy Stone Training Room.

Training Sergeant:

Sergeant Shaun Pendleton is a 1976 graduate of Mountain View High School in Mountain View, Oklahoma and graduated from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma in 1978 with a degree in Criminal Justice. He began his career with the Longview Police Department on March 25, 1985 and prior to that he was employed at Lone Star Steel.

Sergeant Pendleton began his career on First Watch and later transferred to Third Watch before being promoted to Sergeant on December 1, 1998. Sergeant Pendleton also served in the Criminal Investigation Division’s Crimes Against Property Section both as a detective and a supervisor. He has also been assigned to the Office of Professional Standards and served as the Public Information Officer for approximately 4 years. He is now assigned to the Training/Recruiting Section and serves as the Department’s Training Coordinator where he is responsible for ensuring that all sworn officers receive their required training.  He also oversees the hiring of all new officers.

Sergeant Pendleton holds his Master Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as well as holding Crime Prevention Inspector certification and Basic Instructor Proficiency certification from TCOLE.