Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Program

Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Program began in July of 2009 and was made possible by a change in the law that now gives authorization to cities with a population of over 50,000 residents to begin an enforcement program. The State of Texas made this change due to the ever increasing volume of commercial motor vehicles traveling through cities of Longview's size. The goal of the program is to improve the safety of the public by deterring violations being committed by operators of large commercial vehicles.

The most common of these violations are vehicles that are overweight, have hazardous equipment violations or have operators that are exceeding their driving hours. Commercial motor vehicles that are overweight are largely responsible for the damage caused to Longview City roadways and place a burden on Longview taxpayers for the repair of these damaged roads. 

The Longview Police Department currently has officers certified in Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement. Since becoming involved in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Program, 1,208 commercial vehicles have been inspected. Of those 1,208 vehicles, 6,632 violations were found and 587 of these vehicles were put out of service due to safety violations.