Yellow Card Program

Yellow Card
In many cities, this program is a vital part of community policing efforts. The cards encourage proper communication between the police department and managers of rental communities. The property managers have a tool they can use to enforce their own policies prohibiting disturbances and criminal activity on or near the rental property. Responsible property managers do not want residents who commit crimes or breach of the peace. They have the authority to levy serious enough consequences to discourage the residents from committing criminal acts and evict problem residents. This could prevent officers from responding to repeated calls of loud music, fights or other disturbances involving the same residents day after day. Officers also do not want communities to develop into crime havens where more serious crimes are tolerated.

The majority of residents living in rental property are law-abiding citizens who want to live in a safe and quiet neighborhood. This is a “win-win-win” situation for the citizens, property management, and the police. If irresponsible residents know there is no consequence for illegal or unacceptable behavior, they will continue to commit crimes and disproportionately exhaust police resources.

Officers WILL be required to fill the card out for any INCIDENTS and/or crimes that were committed in the complex if:
1. There is an incident and/or crime that occurred on or adjacent to the property if it endangered the health, safety and/or welfare of and residents, citizens, guest or employees of the property.
2. There is an incident and/or crime where a resident or guest of a resident have disturbed the peace of another in the rental community:
A. This includes loud music, parties and other disturbances.
B. Verbal fights are included with physical altercations as requiring a yellow card for management.
Officer will then deliver the completed yellow card to a manager on duty. If the apartment office is closed the officer will drop the completed yellow card in the apartment complex drop box/overnight box. If the apartment complex does not have an office on property, the PAR officers responsible for that beat will contact the manager/owner directly.

In summary, officers WILL NOT leave Yellow Cards for incidents and/or crimes where the suspects are unknown or if the suspects ARE known, but they have no apparent affiliation with residents of that rental property. Officers WILL NOT leave yellow cards to report victims of auto theft, burglaries or other incidents and/or crimes if the suspects cannot be proven to be a resident or guest of the property. The yellow card is meant to assist apartment managers to realize the problems they are having so they can address them promptly.

Apartment managers will be asked to notify all residents with handouts explaining the yellow card program. The handout should state that if management is notified via yellow card that an incident has occurred, management will follow through with appropriate action which may include eviction. This program does not cost the apartment complex any money to implement. All apartment complexes have leases that tenants have already signed with specific language regarding lease violations and consequences.