Citizens On Patrol

The achievement of the Department’s mission and objectives is best served by the active participation of citizens in the community. To this end, the Department established a Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteer program in 1995. These citizens patrol our community and report observed criminal or suspicious activity to on-duty officers.
This has been one of the most productive community partnerships our Department has developed within the last ten years.

Since their beginning, these self-funded volunteers have patrolled a total of over 298,000 miles in their private vehicles. This equates to a cost of over $21,000 in fuel. Additionally, if this service was provided by salaried employees the cost would have exceeded $300,000. The Longview Police Department has now made it possible for the COP's to use a marked vehicle when on patrol. This will enable the COP's to be more useful than ever. They will be able to assist officers in different situations such as staying with a vehicle until the wrecker arrives and other important functions. This will allow the police officers to get back out on the streets and be more proactive.

Longview Citizens have many things of which to be proud and these volunteers are high on
the list. They are pro-active citizens who provide a quality of service to their community that
any city or police agency would do well to emulate.

For more information about becoming involved in the Citizens on Patrol, please contact your
Police Area Representative.