Citizens On Patrol

Citizens On Patrol
The citizens of Longview have many things to be proud of in this progressive city.  Among those is a volunteer group called:  Citizens on Patrol (COP).  These proactive volunteers, trained by the Longview Police Department, provide quality service to make their community a safe place in which to live. 

These volunteers are called the Eyes and Ears for LPD because they provide an effective method of discouraging crime in the city.  They accomplish this task by patrolling and reporting any criminal or suspicious activity to on-duty police officers.  Volunteers never carry weapons, nor will they confront or chase suspicious persons.  They are all equipped with police radios and can call in immediately if they see something occurring in their presence. 

Citizens on Patrol is a non-profit organization, funded completely by donations from the community.  Volunteers choose the day, time, and number of hours they want to participate.  Some COP's patrol in the marked COP car, while others choose to patrol in their private vehicle.  They also assist officers with programs such as the child ID program, National Night Out, and other programs offered through the police department. 

Each COP volunteer agrees to attend the Longview Citizens Police Academy and additional training as required. 

For more information on becoming involved with our COP program call 903-237-2716, a PAR Officer, or the Police Department.  You can also apply online.