Info About Bats

If someone encounters a bat or other wild animal, please contact Animal Control at 903­-237-­1290. If the event occurs at night or during a weekend, please contact the Longview Police Department non-emergency number at 903-­237-­1199.

Helpful information about bats:

  • Bats flying overhead do not pose a risk for transmitting rabies. Rabies is transmitted when an infected bat bites or scratches a person’s skin. A bat’s teeth are very small and a person may not notice they’ve been bitten.
  • Typically healthy bats do not fly around or lay around during daylight hours. 
  • If a person is scratched or bitten by a bat, Longview Animal Control and the Texas Department of State Health Services, advise that the exposed person begin treatment to prevent rabies as soon as possible. 
  • Residents are encouraged to periodically check attics and other quiet structures around the home. If bat roosts are discovered, pest control companies may assist with removal.
  • Vaccinate your pets yearly to protect them against rabies.
What to do if you encounter a bat:
  • If you see a bat inside your residence or place of business, please do not touch it or release it outside. 
  • Animal Control or 9-1-1 should be notified so a professional Animal Control Officer can remove the bat and send it in for testing. 
  • While waiting for the Animal Control Officer to arrive, family members and other animals should be isolated to other areas away from the bat. 
  • If the bat is released prior to Animal Control’s arrival, Animal Control will assume the bat could be positive for rabies and will recommend appropriate post-exposure vaccinations be started by your physician. Post-rabies exposure vaccinations are very expensive and could be avoided if Animal Control can capture the bat for testing.