Story Time



Babygarten Storytime: 

Children ages 0-2. Infant story time! We welcome parents to come with their babies and listen to songs, nursery rhymes, and stories geared toward their age. The children may not yet be of speaking or walking age, but physical interaction is extremely important in the early stages of child development. The infant story time also allows for parents to start off their child’s habits right by coming to the Library each week. Due to young attention spans, this story time will last about 15 minutes. Tuesdays at 10:30 AM.

Babygarten Storytime Schedule: 

IMPORTANT: Story Times will resume the second week of January!

Early Learning Journeys

Early Learning Journeys:

Children ages 2-5. Toddlers who are learning how to walk, talk, and sing will interact with the Library’s staff in order to start learning the foundations of their education. Moreover, we want to utilize some of today’s bestselling books to help them imagine, create, and grow. Each week, the story time will revolve around a largely popular book that teaches the children about colors, numbers, feelings, and so much more! Before the story time, staff will sing with the children many beloved childhood songs to create energy and excitement for the upcoming book! After the book, an appropriately-themed craft will be conducted to be sure the children work on their creativity and refine motor skills at a young age. We want to make sure each story time has enough time for stories, songs, and an easy craft. The story time should last about 35-40 minutes. Wednesdays at 10:30 AM.

Early Learning Journeys Schedule: 

IMPORTANT: Story Times will resume the second week of January!

Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids:

After a long day at school, Discovery Kids is a time to offer the children at Broughton Recreation Center a chance to gather around, read a chapter book, and share their various thoughts and ideas regarding that book. Once the book is complete, we will use the rest of the time for the children to complete a craft involving the theme of the week. On the last week of the month, we will also do an extraordinary activity with the children involving Makerspace. It is sure to be a great time and highly engaging for all! The time frame for the this story time will be about 35-40 minutes. Wednesdays at 4:00 PM

Discovery Kids Schedule: 

IMPORTANT: Story Times will resume the second week of January!

For more information about Story Times, please contact the Children's Department at (903) 237-1345!