Borrower Privileges

You agree to the following policies when you sign the contract to receive your Library Card.
If you have any questions, please contact Library staff at (903) 237-1350.


You may check out 15 items total, with a limit of 5 DVDs & Blu-rays, per card.

Books / Audiobooks:
- Circulate and checkout for 3 weeks.
- One renewal is allowed per item, unless the item is on hold for another patron.
Renewals can be done online, in person, or by contacting the front desk via phone at (903) 237-1350.
3 more weeks will be added upon the date of renewal.

DVDs, Blu-rays, Video Games, and Wireless Hotspots
- May be checked out for 1 week and cannot be renewed.

Upon return, items must sit on the shelf for a 24-hour period in order to allow other patrons the chance to check them out.
If we have multiple copies of the same item, you are welcome to check those out.
Inquire with the front desk to see if we have multiple copies available. 


Item Fine per item per day Maximum
Book & Audiobook $0.25 $20.00
DVD / Blu-ray / Video Game $2.00 $20.00
InterLibrary Loan $0.50 $20.00

** Wireless Hotspot fines are $2.00 per day, maximum of $20.00. If the hotspot kit is overdue, the WiFi capability will be turned off.
Please visit our WiFi Hotspots web page for full information, including damaged/lost fees.

Please note that overdue books and audiobooks may be renewed (if renewals are available).
Any accumulated fines will still be owed by the patron.

Book Drops:

Book Drops are located behind the Library building and are always open, with the exception of a closure period that last 3 days or more.
In this instance, they will be closed/locked.

There is also a book return located inside the library if you'd like to drop off items during your visits.

Holds or Reserves:

You may place a hold on any circulating item. This allows for you to be on a waiting list for a new or popular item. Library staff will tag the item with your name when the item arrives, notify you according to your preferred method of communication (text, email, or phone call) and you may pick it up at the Front Desk. Holds may be placed online, in person, or by calling (903) 237-1354. For more information, please read our Online Service Brochure.

Collection Agency:

The Library uses a collection agency to collect overdue fines and replacement fees for lost items as indicated on the Legal Contract signed at time of obtaining a Library card. Notice is automatically sent to the collection agency via the computer system if the patron owes more than $20.00 over a 45-day period.

The Library does send out courtesy reminder notices for lost or overdue items, but the Library is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. It is up to the patron to keep their account information (address and phone number) up to date.

Note: Lost or misdirected notices do not relieve the Library cardholder of financial responsibility of fees and unreturned materials.