Computer Classes

Computer Classes

Our FREE Computer Classes are taught in the Windows Computer Lab each month. Class times are 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM for mornings & 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM for evenings.
To sign up for a specific class or if you have any questions, please call (903) 237-1350.

Computer Class Schedule:

** Please note that all computer classes are cancelled and on hold until further notice due to staff and volunteer shortage. **

Class Descriptions:

Computer Basics

This course offers students an opportunity to become more familiar with the basics of using a computer along with browsing the Internet. They will learn some of the hardware components of a computer & will learn to navigate through the Windows operating system. Instruction on how operate the mouse & keyboard will be given. Students will also receive a brief introduction to proper search techniques for looking up information with search engines. Proper information on securing a computer will be introduced.Through hands-on exercise, students will explore sample programs, learn about web browsers, hyperlinks, &  searching the Internet. This class is designed for beginning computer users.

Requirements: None

Keyboarding Basics

This is a typing/keyboarding class designed for the beginning user. Students will become acquainted with the QWERTY keyboard layout. Proper technique typing will be talked about Students will also learn about Home Row & keyboard shortcuts.

Note: This class is usually paired with Computer Basics as a 2-Day class.
Requirements: Computer Basics is highly recommended.

Word Basics I

This class is designed as an introduction to word processing using Word. Students will learn the basic tools of Word & practice selecting, modifying text, cutting & pasting text. Students will also practice opening & saving a document. Spelling checks, paragraph options, page breaks, & margins discussed. Exercise will include editing a document & creating a party invitation.

Requirements: Computer & Keyboarding Basics.

Word Basics II

This class introduces students to lists, tables, & drawing. Students will learn about inserting text boxes, video, hyperlinks, shapes, & screen captures. Students will also be introduced to online image searches & saving in different formats. Exercises include review of cutting, pasting, & formatting text, creating a table & list, & drawing.

Requirements: Word Basics I

Word Advanced

This class offers students advanced practice in inserting columns, headers, footers, footnotes, & cover pages. Students will also be introduced to Table of Contents, proper citations, & Bibliography. Exercises include creating a newsletter type article with pictures, columns, table, Table of Contents, & page borders.

Requirements: Word Basics I & II


This class will provide students with an overview of how to create slideshow presentations using PowerPoint. Students will learn how to create a presentation, change formatting on individual slides, insert images & video. Further emphasis on applying designs, animations, transitions, & effects will be given. The final product will be a short presentation with handouts.

Requirements: Computer & Keyboarding Basics. Word Basics is required.


This class will offer students the opportunity to become familiar with Publisher, a desktop publishing program. Students will learn the kinds of publications & templates they can make using this program, learn to edit text & add text boxes. Further adding images, applying recoloring, & basic graphic design techniques will be shown. Students will create a greeting card using a built-in template.

Requirements: Computer & Keyboarding Basics. Word Basics is required.

Basic Excel I

This class will offer students an opportunity to become familiar with spreadsheets. They will learn what a spreadsheet is & how to navigate Excel. They will learn the basic functions like entering data, editing spreadsheets, adding rows/columns, sorting, copying, & basic illustration tools.

Requirements: Computer & Keyboarding Basics. Word Basics is recommended

Basic Excel II

This class will introduce students to formulas & other Excel tools.. Students will learn about the AutoFill function, formatting text, Sum & AutoSum, Conditional Formatting, Flash Fill, filtering, various chart functions, & Sparklines.

Requirements: Basic Excel I

Advanced Excel I

A course on Excel for students to learn advanced tools such as Lookup, Count, CountIf, Sum & SumIf, as well as the OR & & functions & the Today functions. Exercise will be included for more practice.

Requirements: Basic Excel I & II. Word Basics is required.

Advanced Excel II

This is our most advanced & in-depth Excel class. Students will create & use a variety of tables & charts such as Pivot. We will also share workbooks & merge spreadsheets. Exercise will be included to help ensure a working knowledge of the program is attained.

Requirements: Advanced Excel I.

Access I

This course will introduce students Access – a database program. Students will learn the basics about creating tables, inputting data, creating forms, queries, & Reports. Emphasis will also be on how to plan a database as well as different Views & basic formatting.

Requirements: Basic Excel & Word Basics. Advanced Excel is highly recommended.

Access II

This course introduces students to further relational database concepts, such as creating relationships, understanding & moving primary keys, input masks, & proper data validation. Emphasis will also be added to importing tables from Access & non-Access files.

Requirements: Access I