Backflow Prevention Requirements

The City of Longview’s Ordinance No. 3020 complies with the Federal and State regulations regarding cross-connection and backflow prevention. The following are requirements of the program:

  • The customer agrees to abide by the rules and regulations regarding cross-connection control and backflow prevention outlined in the TCEQ’s Customer Service Agreement in order to establish a connection with the City of Longview’s potable water supply.
  • The Building Inspector and/or a Customer Service Inspector for the City of Longview will determine if a structure/building or homestead has a potential health or non-health hazard onsite and will determine what type of backflow device(s) are required in accordance to adopted plumbing codes, ordinances and Federal and State regulatory agencies. 
  • The costs associated with the installation, maintenance and annual testing is the responsibility of the water customer. 
  • Annual testing should be performed by a licensed backflow prevention device tester. The tester should submit the test reports electronically to BSI Online at BSI Online is a backflow records management company that is contracted by the City of Longview and will issue annual reminder letters to customers. BSI has representatives who can answer questions regarding the City of Longview Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.