How Monthly Sewer Charge is Calculated

In March, your utility bill will reflect your new residential sewer charge based on your average household water use during the months of November, December and January (as billed in December, January and February).

Unlike the water service, your sewer water (the wastewater discharged from your home to the sewer treatment plant) is not metered.  Rather it is based on your household water use during the winter months of November, December and January. (Typically customers use less water in the winter season.)

Did you know water leaks in November, December or January could impact your monthly sewer charges for the following year? Please report any leaks experienced during those months to Water Utilities by May to be eligible for a possible billing adjustment. 

For Example
Your residential sewer charge is determined by your average household water use shown in the following equation:

   Billing Month       Gallons of Water Used
   December            7,000
   January                 6,800
   February               6,900
   Total Gallons     20,700

Average Monthly Use: 20,700 gallons divided by 3 months equals 6,900 gallons.  Your residential sewer charge will be based on the average monthly water use of 6,900 gallons.

Your monthly sewer charge is calculated in the following way
     6,900 gallons (Average Monthly Water Use)
   - 2,000 gallons (Minimum Monthly Amount for $12.40)
     4,900 gallons (Amount in Excess of the Monthly Minimum for $3.95 per thousand gallons)

   $12.40 (Charge for Monthly Minimum 2,000 gallons)
+ $19.36 (Charge per Thousand: 4.900 x 3.95 = 19.36)
   $31.76 (Total Monthly Sewer Charge)

Please bear in mind
  • New residential sewer customers (those who do not have previous winter season water usage) are set with a monthly sewer charge based on 6,000 gallons.
  • Transferring residential customers take their established sewer charge with them to their new service address.
  • The “cap” or maximum monthly sewer charge for a residential account shall not exceed a 22,000 gallon water average; a charge of $88.30, or as reflected in the most current sewer rates.
  • Commercial sewer charges are based on the water volumes used each month.