Mayor Mack's Scholarship

Mayor Mack provides a scholarship to local students who have shown an attitude of service to the Longview community. Students in Longview, Pine Tree, Spring Hill and Hallsville High Schools are eligible to apply for a one-time $2,000 scholarship to college. One scholarship will be awarded per high school to students for furthering their education. These funds, which total $8,000, are coming out of the annual stipends for Mayor Andy Mack and Councilwoman Kristen Ishihara. Rather than take a annual stipend, the Mayor and Councilwoman Ishihara chose to use their stipends to invest in students' futures.

2019 Recipients

Jordan Hooks - Hallsville ISD
Payton Schapp - Longview ISD
Kaelin Goodeman - Pine Tree ISD
Alex Caron - Spring Hill ISD

How To Apply

Recipients must be a resident of the City of Longview (within the city limits of Longview, TX) and be a graduating senior from either Longview, Pine Tree, Spring Hill, or Hallsville High School. Interested students must complete and return the scholarship application by the end of March. The application includes a one-page essay on how you would make improve the Highway 80 corridor in Longview.

Please return the completed application and one-page essay (see page 2) by 5:00 p.m., on the last day of business in March. Late applications will not be accepted. Return applications by mail to City of Longview c/o Mayor Mack’s Scholarship, P.O. Box 1952, Longview, TX 75606.  Alternatively, return in person to City Hall at 300 W. Cotton St., Longview, TX.