Bailiff Duties

There is a dress code for those participating in or attending a session of the Municipal Court.  The Bailiff has the responsibility to identify those who do not meet the dress code, notify them of non-compliance and to notify the court staff.  The dress code is:  no bare feet, no tank tops, halter tops or tube tops, no shorts, no baggy pants exposing the underwear, no pants or jeans that are ripped or torn exposing the underwear or skin of the person wearing them and no miniskirts. No one wearing attire with obscene, vulgar, derogatory, drug or narcotic related slogans or images or any image or language deemed offensive will be allowed to enter the courtroom.  

The Bailiff performs security screening of all participants and their possessions before they are permitted entry into the courtroom.  This includes the defendant, witnesses, attorneys, and interested observers such as the defendant’s friends and family. A walk-through metal detector and handheld metal detector are two of the tools most commonly used.   No weapons of any type or items that could be used as a weapon are permitted in the courtroom.  The only exception to this rule is that a certified peace officer who is called to participate in the proceedings may carry their weapons.

Bailiffs are specially trained in court security techniques to maintain order in the court and ensure the safety of the judge, prosecutor, clerk, jurors and all courtroom participants.  The Bailiff seats the participants in a court proceeding and any interested observers in a manner that is consistent with maintaining order and providing a safe environment.

The Bailiff maintains order in the courtroom when court is in session by ensuring that participants display the proper respect and decorum and follow the orders given by the Judge.  The Bailiff escorts the defendant from the courtroom at the conclusion of a hearing or trial, escorts the jury to and from the jury room and acts as a conduit for information between the jury and the Judge.  The Bailiff also provides assistance to the Judge and City Prosecutor along with the court staff.

In the event the Judge orders someone to be taken into custody during or at the conclusion of a hearing or trial the Bailiff will execute those orders and transport the individual to jail.