Serving Arrest Warrants

The City Marshal Office is tasked with serving arrest warrants.  Once the warrant is issued, the City Marshal Office will mail out a notice to the defendant in an effort to encourage them to voluntarily make a disposition of the warrant(s) with the Municipal Court.   If a defendant does not voluntarily make a disposition of their warrant(s), the City Marshal Office will actively pursue them by telephone, in person, at home, at school or at work.  The City Marshal Office has a variety of tools available to them to track someone who has moved or disconnected their telephone since the charges were initially filed. Through the  use of investigative techniques, time and effort, almost anyone can be located.  When located, the defendant may be taken directly to jail if they are unable or unwilling to enter into a payment agreement, post bond or pay the fine.

If you believe you may have an outstanding warrant, or know someone who does, call our office.  We will be glad to provide assistance in resolving the matter.