Water Account Changes

Water Bill Changes
The Longview Water Utilities Department has completed our Utility Billing Cycle Realignment Project.  This project changed our previously scattered three metering and billing cycle schedule into four cycle geographic areas.  The purpose of this project  was to become more efficient and better serve our customers.  Through the realignment process, some customers received new account numbers as well as new due dates. To complete the process, a one-time only cycle conversion adjustment may appear on your September 2016 bill. 

We conducted the cycle realignment conversion process in March - May 2016, during which time some customers had shorter or longer than normal billing periods. To properly prorate water, sewer, and garbage base rates from these irregular periods, your September 2016 bill may reflect a one-time only adjustment as either a credit or charge.

See the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the project and the one-time only cycle adjustment. If there are questions, please don't hesitate to call Water Utilities at 903-237-1030.