New Schedule and Implementation

Our schedule for implementation allows for ample notice to be given to customers to update their records in preparation for the new billing date. Beginning in February, customers will be informed of the realignment process during preparation. The project completion is scheduled for May.

The first billing date for the new cycle system will be May 7 as such: 

  • Cycle 1 (Northeast)   Bill Date: 7th    Due Date: 28th
  • Cycle 2 (Northwest)   Bill Date: 14th  Due Date: 7th
  • Cycle 3 (Southeast)  Bill Date: 21st   Due Date: 14th
  • Cycle 4 (Southwest)  Bill Date: 28th   Due Date: 21st

New Meter Routes 2016

Some customers will be affected by a change in their meter reading date and bill due date.

If there are questions, please don't hesitate to call Water Utilities at 903-237-1030.