Alarm Services FAQ

Q. Why are Alarm Services important?
In 2015, Longview police officers responded to 5,046 false alarms. The more false alarms the city has to respond to, the more it costs in resources and police availability. In an effort to reduce the number of false alarms overall, the City Council passed an ordinance requiring annual registration of all residential and commercial security alarms within the city effective January 1, 2014. Alarm systems will need to be registered every year no later than the registration anniversary date. Annual registration allows residents and businesses to update all contact information at the time of renewal, which maintains the effectiveness of enhanced call verification.

Q. Whom does it affect?
All residents and commercial businesses residing or operating within the City of Longview who have a security alarm system.

Q. What are security alarm systems
An alarm system is defined as any assembly of equipment, mechanical or electrical, arranged to signal the occurrence of an illegal entry or other activity and intended to summon police. This system may or may not be monitored by a third party service.

Q. What about monitored fire alarm systems?
The Longview Fire Department manages the registration of monitored Fire Alarm Systems. For more information, please contact the Longview Fire Marshal's Office at 903-237-1119. 

Q. Do I have to register?
If you live or own a business within the City of Longview city limits and operate an alarm system, then you are required to register. 

Q. What is a false alarm?
False alarms are defined as an alarm notification to the police department, when the responding officer finds no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense after having completed a timely inspection of the alarm site. For the purposes of this article, this term does not include an alarm signal caused by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm company or alarm user. Unless otherwise provided, the Police Chief shall be the sole and exclusive judge of whether an alarm is a false alarm for the purpose of this section. See the Rates and Fees page for False Alarm fees. 

Q. Who is Public Safety Corporation?
The City of Longview contracted Alarm Services from Public Safety Corporation using CryWolf technologies via RFP# 1415-24. City of Longview Alarm Services (CLAS) has partnered with Public Safety Corporation to manage alarm registration, payments, and records.  

Q. Is there a sample invoice available to compare to what I received in the mail? 
A. Yes, a sample invoice is available to demonstrate what you may receive by mail from Public Safety Corporation on behalf of the City of Longview Alarm Services. 

Additional Information:
See additional information on the City of Longview Alarm Services website managed by Public Safety Corporation

A printable informational brochure about the City of Longview Alarm Services is also available.