Accessible Parking Enforcement Program

apep photo
The mission of the Accessible Parking Enforcement Program (APEP) is to EDUCATE the public and ENFORCE the law by issuing citations to those people who violate the Texas Traffic Code (T.T.C.) chapter 681.  The importance of what our volunteers are trained to perform, requires that each applicant completes a thorough screening and training process.  APEP volunteers represent the Longview Police Department and it's officers and must conduct themselves accordingly. 

This very specialized program requires the highest level of personal integrity and willingness to serve as it involves enforcing Texas, and City of Longview, traffic laws.  If a citizen violates the law and receives a citation it can result in a hefty fine.  The program also requires the ability to educate individuals regarding the laws we enforce.  Those that participate in the APEP program take their duty very seriously.  For more information on this program download the brochure.