Walking Trails


The Parks and Recreation Department maintains several trails throughout the community. Each trail provides varying amenities and terrains for the community. Whether you're preparing for your next big race or enjoying a leisurely stroll, the trails are open and available for your use. To see our plans for expanding our trail system, take a look at our Trail Master Plan map. 

The mile markers on the Boorman Trail are embedded into the concrete trail every quarter of a mile and show the distance from the end of the trail in the direction you are traveling. Whether you start at Summers Dr. in the north, or Highway 80 in the south, the mile marker says zero. The next marker you see says 1/4, and so on every quarter of a mile until you get to the other end of the trail, when you pass the 2.75 mile marker. When you turn around, you’re at zero again.

Boorman Trail Markers Map 

In case you’re asking about the signs on poles along the trail, those are 911 markers for Longview PD and Longview FD. They are labeled PB-1 through PB-12 and are tied to the City’s GPS because the Trail is too long to have one official address. They are approximately 1/4 of a mile apart, but they are not mileage markers. In case of an emergency, please make note of your nearest 911 mile marker to alert first responders.

Interactive Walking Trail Experience

Akin Trail
Surrounding a newly improved play structure, this trail allows families the best of both worlds. 
Length: .75 miles
Amenities: drinking fountain, shaded pavilion, and play features

Boorman Trail
This trail, named after a long-serving city employee, is one of the longest walking trails in Longview. It runs through the Grace Creek corridor, including Lois Jackson Park, where you'll find a playground and picnic areas.
Length: 3.0 miles
Amenities: drinking fountains, fitness equipment, and a restroom

Cargill Long Trail
The trail follows an old rail bed along a wooded corridor among suburban neighborhoods and parks. The trail is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is lighted between 4th Street and Hollybrook. You'll also find a pavilion, picnic tables, playground, restrooms (between Hughey Drive and Le Duke Boulevard), drinking fountains, benches and exercise stations.
Length: 3.0 miles
Amenities: drinking fountain and restroom

Guthrie Trail
This trail surrounds the ever-expanding Guthrie Park and Rotary Park. 
Length: 1.25 miles
Amenities: disc golf course and picnic area

Julieanna Trail
Surrounding Julieanna Park, Ward Park, and McWhorter Park, this trail is the perfect spot for a quick walk. 
Length: .75 miles
Amenities: drinking fountains, picnic area, and play features.