Adult Summer Reading Club


Adult SRC 2018 was a huge success!

Adult Summer Reading Club 2018 is officially over, and the program was truly a success! We would like to thank everyone who participated this year. We had 214 adults register (new record!), 1,349 raffle tickets entered for weekly prizes, and 200 people come for our Adult Summer Reading Programming. Wow! We have received nothing but positive feedback about this year's Adult Summer Reading Club. Thank you, and we hope you'll join us in Summer 2019! 

Adult Summer Reading Club

1. Register!

Starting Summer 2019, you may sign up online, or at the Library! 

2. Read!

Every 100 pages read or 2 hours listened to gets you 1 raffle ticket! The more you read, the more you can enter. If you read 200 pages, you can fill out 2 raffle tickets, etc.

3. Submit!

Starting Summer 2019, you may begin filling outill out your raffle ticket submissions at the Library and enter them for the weekly drawing! Drawings will be held each Monday. 


- Raffle submissions cannot be taken by e-mail or over the phone.
- You are responsible for filling out the raffle slips by the end of the library's hours every Sunday before the raffle drawing on Mondays. 
- Winners must pick up their raffle prize within one week or another name will be drawn.

Additional Raffle Tickets

Want to earn additional raffle tickets and prizes? You're in luck - there are multiple ways to do exactly that! 

Attending Events / Aficionado Raffle 

For each of our adult programs that you attend, you earn one extra raffle ticket entry for the week! Attend 4 events, and you’ll be entered into the Aficionado Raffle! Patrons will be asked to sign in at each event, and tickets will be handed out at the end of each event.

Rock the Challenge / Rockstar Raffle

To complete "Rock the Challenge," you will need to read one book in each of the following categories and fill out the "Rock the Challenge" bookmark, available at the Library. You must read six different titles. One entry per person.

A book published posthumously
A book set in place you want to visit
A book with a female protagonist over the age of 60
An assigned book you disliked (or never finished)
A book by a minority or LGBTQ+ author
A celebrity memoir

Questions, Comments, Etc.

Please call (903) 237-1350 for more information!