Food for Fines

A library cart filled with cans and books sits next to a sign. Food for fines, 2021, November 1 - 22

What is Food for Fines?

November 1 - 22, patrons may exchange 1 non-perishable canned or boxed food item to the library, and get $1.00 worth of fines cleared from their account.

These items will be donated to the Thanksgiving Food Drive that is collected annually at Longview Convention Complex


- Must be non-perishable and not expired

- Must be Thanksgiving-themed

- Must be at least 12 ounces

- Total fines waived cannot exceed $20

- Cannot be applied to Interlibrary Loan related materials/fees

Items can be brought to the front desk for review, and then fines will be waived by a supervisor.
Please call (903) 237-1350 for more information!