Special Studies

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The Longview Metropolitan Planning Organization has developed a plan for enhancing walking and biking in the greater Longview area.  This project includes an analysis of where people are most likely to walk and bike, assessment of the safety and comfort of streets and trails, and identification of community preferences for future investments. The plan includes new policies and goals for active transportation; recommendations for new sidewalks, trails, and on-street bikeways; a system for prioritizing investments; and a list of priority pedestrian and bicycle projects. 

Pedestrian Transit Access Plan

In 2013, the MPO, in conjunction with the City of Longview and Longview Transit conducted a Pedestrian­ Transit Access Study. The goal of this plan was to identify barriers that exist for pedestrians between the origins and destinations along the transit routes. Examples of barriers may include missing links of sidewalk between residential areas and the transit routes or pedestrian signals at high volume intersections. 

Thoroughfare Plan

The Thoroughfare Plan is a long-range plan that identifies the location and type of roadway facilities that are needed to meet the projected long-term growth in the region. The Plan serves as a tool for jurisdictions within the MPO to preserve future corridors for transportation system development. The Thoroughfare Plan will be updated in conjunction with Mobility 2045.  

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