Walk and Bike Plan

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The Longview Metropolitan Planning Organization is developing a plan for enhancing walking and biking in the greater Longview area.  This project includes an analysis of where people are most likely to walk and bike, assessment of the safety and comfort of streets and trails, and identification of community preferences for future investments. The plan will include new policies and goals for active transportation; recommendations for new sidewalks, trails, and on-street bikeways; a system for prioritizing investments; and a list of priority pedestrian and bicycle projects. The planning area for this project includes the cities of Longview, Lakeport, White Oak, Clarksville City, Warren City, Gladewater, Union Grove, and East Mountain.

Community input is vital to the success of this project, so we have prepared multiple ways for you to provide input. A special project website is available that provides an interactive experience and allows you to complete a survey, identify barriers and opportunities on a map, and learn more about the individual components of the project.

Help spread the word about the WalkBike Plan. Download the WalkBike Survey Flyer to print and share with friends and co-workers.

La Organización de Planificación Metropolitana de Longview está llevando a cabo el primer plan de bicicletas y peatones del área. Mire el video para obtener una mejor comprensión de este proyecto y, a continuación, sea parte de él al completar la encuesta en línea en LongviewTexas.gov/WalkBike

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