Work Program

Through a partnership between the City of Longview and House of Disciples, a pilot project has been launched for a Homeless Work Program. Based on recommendations from the Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness, the purpose of the program is to provide work opportunities to homeless residents who are willing to work. 

Currently, homeless residents are working with House of Disciples to help beautify the community by collecting litter and cleaning illegal dump sites. The pilot project is funded by $44,000 in the City's budget designated for litter cleanup and beautification. Long term, the goal is to expand the program to encourage any resident or business to be able to contract with an organization such as House of Disciples to provide work opportunities for homeless residents.

This program is designed to:

  • Provide labor for individuals, businesses and the City of Longview.
  • Provide compensation and a job for participants.
  • Provide life coaching and mentorship for participants.
  • Provide incentives to encourage participation, such as groceries and meals.
  • Provide opportunity to learn job skills and a consistent wage, thereby providing a doorway out of homelessness.

 Preliminary Work Program Pilot Project Results:

  • The crew launched on November 15, 2017:
  • Collect an average of 50 bags of litter per week
  • Help cleanup up 1 – 2 illegal dump sites per week

 For more information, House of Disciples website or 903-553-0952.