Task Force Recommendations

The members of the task force were selected by Mayor Mack because they represent various nonprofits,  businesses, and government agencies that directly serve or are in some  way impacted by the homeless. Their charge was to make recommendations on how to reduce homelessness in Longview.

Homeless Task Force Recommendations and Findings:
  • We need to coordinate efforts and not duplicate them.
  • There are enough beds available in Longview so no person has to sleep on the street. 
  • We determined one way to serve more people is to host "Service Fairs" to offer centralized services and information to homeless individuals. (Update: Homeless Resource Day created in partnership with multiple nonprofits and government partners.)
  • We suggest moving the Longview Transit transfer station away from Magrill Plaza within a short time frame. (Update: Move occurred in 2019).
  • We suggest utilizing homeless residents who are willing to work to assist any resident, business, and the City with any labor needs they may have. (Update: Homeless Work pilot project launched in November 2017. The effort continues today as a contract between the City and a local nonprofit for litter cleanup.). 
  • We see a need to communicate to residents about the best way to help the homeless population. 
  • We need to address the mental health crisis that accompanies some of these individuals. (Update: Collaborative efforts are underway between Community Healthcore, hospitals, and public safety agencies to connect mental health patients to case workers).
  • We need to implement "Solicitation Free Zones." (Update: Adopted by City Council in September 2017 along key commercial corridors and near ATM's and business entrances).
  • We need to create a Police Outreach Service Team. (Update: Team of two officers began January 2018 with a goal of connected the homeless to available resources.)
  • We need to improve our overall appearance and aesthetics as a City.
Watch Mayor Mack present the Task Force Recommendations in the video below or read the task force presentation. 

Mayor's Task Force on Homelessness Presentation (.pdf)

Share your thoughts and suggestions and get involved:

Residents are encouraged to get involved and help implement the ideas of the task force. If you would like to donate, volunteer, or share your thoughts, please contact us using this form or call the City Manager's Office at 903-237-1021.