UDC Timeline

Here is a breakdown of the process and timeline to date:

  • Conduct Stakeholder Meetings. Meetings held August 2, 2017.
Participants included developers, homebuilders, realtors/brokers, commercial contractors, design professionals, Mayor and City Council, P&Z Commission representatives and Ledco. FNI gained feedback on how codes and development processes could be clarified, strengthened, made less stringent, and/or updated.

  • Conduct Community Open House. Meeting held October 16, 2017.
Information gathered from the stakeholder meetings was incorporated into a Diagnostic Report and highlights were presented to the public. Polling exercises were conducted with participants to collect general thoughts on topics including neighborhood connectivity, building and property maintenance and lighting requirements. FNI provided a Community Input Survey report highlighting the feedback received at this meeting.

  • Conduct joint City Council/Planning & Zoning meeting. Meeting held November 28, 2017.
FNI outlined the timeline and scope, diagnostic process, and highlighted a number of stakeholder / citizen recommendations including the need to clarify the development process, consolidation of building and safety ordinances, flood damage and prevention regulations, review and updating of the sign ordinance, updating the number of residential zoning districts and clarifying plat procedures.

  • Staff review of General Requirements, Development Standards and Zoning Regulations. Meetings held January 31, March 27, April 27, May 22, 2018
Meetings with staff were each 4-6 hours and included a line-by-line analysis of various UDC sections. Recommendations made in the Stakeholder, Citizen and Council/P&Z meetings were incorporated into the draft documents reviewed by staff.

Here is the timeline moving forward (June – December 2018, approximately):

  • FNI will provide completed drafts of General Requirements, Development Standards and Zoning Regulations. 
  • Completed drafts will be available online for public review.
  • A work session with the Planning and Zoning Commission will be conducted at 5:30 p.m. June 12, 2018 in Council Chambers. P&Z commissioners will have an opportunity to review the work completed thus far and to make recommendations. Stakeholders are welcome to attend and participate during citizen comment.
  • FNI & Staff will review park dedication, signs, buildings and safety, trailers sections. FNI will return completed drafts of these sections.
  • Information in these sections will be added to online posting for public review.
  • FNI/Staff will hold meeting(s) with East Texas Builders' Association members and others to gain additional feedback.
  • Completed drafts (all sections) will be available to staff and online.
  • The completed UDC will be presented to Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.