Proposition C: Parks

The summary of the proposition is: "The issuance of $24,710,000 tax bonds by the City of Longview, Texas for improvements and additions to City parks, including trails, playing fields and other sports and recreational facilities and levying the tax in payment thereof."  Online map of all 3 bond propositions.

The following are estimated project descriptions, which are subject to change due to a variety of factors such as availability of funding, engineering requirements, and other considerations. 

Lear Park: $8.8 million

  • Original Master Plan developed in 1999. Updated in 2005.
  • Current facility includes:
    • 15 soccer fields (2 with lights)
    • 8 softball fields (200 ft. fields with lights)
    • 4 baseball fields (2-300 ft. fields and 2 250 ft. fields with lights)
    • Miracle League Field
    • Kids View playground
    • Jack Mann Splash Pad (1 of 3 sections completed)
    • 3.5 acre lake
  • Primary users of the athletic fields are Longview Boys Baseball Association, Longview Girls Softball Association, Greater Longview Soccer Association and tournament directors. 
  • Park Master Plan - 2009
  • Comprehensive Plan Priority #18 – 2015
  • Projects included:
    • Constructing 2 softball fields (200 ft. fields with lights)
    • Constructing 2 baseball fields (300 ft. fields with lights
    • Converting 2 soccer fields to artificial turf
    • Installing lights on 2 soccer fields
    • 9,000 linear feet of soft surface trail
    • Add play features to 2 sections of Jack Mann Splash Pad

Improve Existing Parks: $7.3 million

  • The City of Longview has 32 parks in park system
  • Park Master Plan - 2009
  • Comprehensive Plan Priority #19 – 2015
  • Projects included:
    • Lois Jackson – repair parking lot, replace existing pavilion, construct 2nd pavilion, install restroom & replace playground
    • McWhorter – seal coat trail, install volleyball courts, expand parking lot, construct new playground, improve basketball courts, install new fences and lights on ball fields, construct new bathroom/concession building, resurface ballfields
    • Patterson – repair parking lot, install sidewalks, replace playground
    • Rollins – replace playground, improve basketball courts, regrade site
    • Spring Creek – replace playground, resurface trail, improve basketball courts, construct pavilion, install bathroom
    • Spring Hill – construct trail, install new play features at the splash pad, replace pavilion, construct canopies on bleachers
    • Stamper – construct trail, replace pavilion, construct 2nd pavilion, replace playground, improve basketball courts and install cover
    • Womack – new entry with ticket booth and concession building, replace site fencing, reconfigure fields, add bleachers, improve parking

Broughton Recreation Center and Park: $5.7 million

  • Park was acquired prior to 1960 and the recreation center was built in 1978
  • Current facility includes:
    • Recreation center with a gym and stage, 3 classrooms, branch library and common area
    • Park with 2 pavilions, basketball courts, playground, splash pad, trail restroom and softball field
  • Park Master Plan – 2009
  • Comprehensive Plan Priority #19 – 2015
  • Project includes:
    • Recreation center – renovate the entry, construct 2 additional gymnasiums, create additional parking 
    • Park – replace existing pavilions, extend the trail, add play features to splash pad, replace playground, improve field 

Cargill Long Trail: $1.35 million

  • Park was acquired in 1971 and in 2001
  • Designated as Department of the Interior National Recreation Trail
  • Comprehensive Plan Priority #2 - 2015
  • Current facility includes:
    • 3 mile asphalt walking trail
  • Project includes:
    • Resurface trail 

Arboretum: $1.5 million

  • Arboretum grounds were acquired originally as drainage property
  • Arboretum Master Plan adopted in 2013
  • Phase 1 bid/construction in 2018
  • Current facility will include:
    • Walking trail, lake, landscape beds, amphitheater
  • Project includes:
    • Purchase Cotton St. building and install landscape